We have two major projects in Development
Produced by Andrea M Clarke, 1663 Media Arts, LLC and From the Heart Productions, Inc. - Soul Freedoms, the Life of John Clarke, America’s Forgotten Patriot is a Full Feature Historical Drama based on real events about one man’s self-sacrificing dedication to right the wrongs stemming from his own religious persecutions and witnessing the same of others.
Partnering with renowned Historical Illustrator and Author Michael Dooling, both a Illustrated Children's Book and Illustrated Chapter Book are being written as companions to the film. 
Please visit http://JohnClarkeMovie.com to learn more and how you can contribute to a world changing film on #ReligiousFreedom and #CivilLiberties.

Produced by Andrea M Clarke and Cherry Lane Creative, a Production Company - MyKids Unite Animated Music Videos - Stay tuned!


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