The Oneness Through Art Movement supports Humanitarian Causes through the Arts.

"We are all connected and deserving of friends and the freedom to live, love and create in peace and musical harmony with one another."  

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Inspired by Florentina, an artist with special needs who found her voice through art! 

MyKids Unite #ChooseLove Campaign Times Square NYC December 2016


Inspiration for the Movement

Florentina is a savant artist with special needs who found her voice through art and music. She was born on a train in Romania and lived her first 3 1/2 years in an orphanage. She is now 19. 

Inspired by her art and ability to overcome discrimination by staying true to who she is and loving everyone, the #HumanityRising - Oneness through Art Movement was launched in 2006.

Everyone has the right to have friends, love, good health and community to live peacefully among one another, regardless of any differences. Our driving passion is to unite people through the arts to live, love and create in peace and harmony with one another. 

Through arts outreach our mission is to inspire people from around the world to use their creative voice, be true to who they are while making a positive difference within themselves that radiates outward within their communities.

We believe the key to opening hearts of understanding and acceptance of one another can be unlocked within each one of us. The arts hold those keys. 

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