2017 Oneness Through Art Campaigns

March 2017 - We are gearing up for our #HumanityRising Campaign in the Greater Los Angeles Area this Spring! The budget for the L.A. Campaign is $35,000.
 Donations are urgently needed to launch MyKids Unite "PSA" Billboards, Targeted Social Media Campaigns and Community Outreach in Los Angeles and across the USA.
Please visit our Fiscal Sponsor to contribute. Thank you for Choosing Love!

The Oneness Through Art Movement partners with the MyKids Unite Team to promote the #HumanityRising Campaigns through Digital Billboards, Social Media and Community Outreach.

"Stripes" our Spokes-Zebra will continue to gallop around the world sharing her message, "My Stripes May Be Different, but My Heart Beats the Same!©"

"What's a Bafoodle? Celebrating Friendships for All!" will be released as an interactive flip-book with all new art by Florentina and developed as one of the MyKids Unite Animated Music Videos! Stay tuned for Summer 2017 Release! 

NEW! We are totally excited to share we have teamed up with the Experts to develop a MyKids Unite Teaching Tool for Parents and Schools to go along with the Books Message! #NoBullying #FriendshipsForAll Target release before Fall of 2017!

Oneness Through Art Movement is a Project of Cherry Lane Creative. Cherry Lane Creative has Fiscal Sponsorship through Fractured Atlas, a 501c3 public charity. Contributions for the purpose of Cherry Lane Creative are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. We thank you for your Donation! For other ways to support us please reach out for options.