Soul Freedoms Documentary

Soul Freedoms Documentary 
Pre-Production -  January 2017

"A State where no constraint could ever be put upon the human conscience, no shackles upon the human spirit and no limit to the freedom of human thought."

Dr. John Clarke - Baptist Minister, Physician and Statesman
Co-Founder of Newport, Rhode Island
Author & Agent of the Charter of 1663
October 3, 1609 - April 20, 1676.

Filmmaker Statement: 
As a descendant of Joseph Clarke,  John Clarke MD's youngest brother, my desire is to shed light on the importance of Dr. Clarke's life, his drive to build a community (Newport, RI) where everyone was welcome regardless of religious beliefs. The film will explore how he overcame personal sacrifices and risk of treason to secure the Royal Charter of 1663 thereby providing Religious Freedom and Civil Liberties to the colony of Rhode Island which changed world history.

Growing up in Southern Virginia as a young girl, I first witnessed my beliefs were different than my family and neighbors. I had no outside influences to the contrary, I just knew what was in my heart felt right for me. With a love of history and heartfelt curiosity this film is a personal journey to discover and enlighten through seeking answers to the following questions.

*In contrast and similarities that resulted in the Royal Charter of 1663, where are we now current day with religious tolerance, freedoms and civil liberties?
*Are we as divided and prejudiced as the news media portrays?
*Do people within positions of power and the media incite these divisions through "labeling" and fear-mongering?
*Can people with different belief systems, religions and cultures coincide in harmony?

At 53, my beliefs remain the same today as they did when I was a child. "We are all deserving of the freedom, Soul Freedom, to live in peace and harmony without fear of retribution or discrimination." I do believe at the core of humanity that love, kindness and peace starts within each one of us and if we embrace these qualities, than nothing can divide us.

Thank you, Andrea

Andrea M Clarke, Writer, Producer, Advocate
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." Jimi Hendrix

A Narrative Documentary that explores the life of Dr. John Clarke, America's Forgotten Patriot, his journey and great personal sacrifice to secure Religious and Civil Freedoms for the Colony of Rhode Island. The Documentary explores how Dr. Clarke's role in shaping religious and civil freedoms relates in similarities and contrast to the present day.

Founder of the First Baptist Church, Author & Agent of the Royal Charter of 1663 and Co-Founder of Newport Rhode Island he set out to create a welcoming community where persons of all walks of life and faiths could live peacefully among one another and practice "Soul Liberty" without fear of discrimination or retribution.

The First Sephardic Synagogue in North America is located across the street from Dr Clarke's church.

The 20th-century historian Thomas Bicknell wrote of religious freedom, “Its clear, full, deliberate, organized, and permanent establishment in the world can now be distinctly traced to the Colony of Rhode Island . . . under the leadership and inspiration of Dr. John Clarke, the true founder.’’

James Wermuth, Executive Director of The John Clarke Society and Writer "The Life & Times of John Clarke" "In the summer of 1663, against seemingly insurmountable odds, an improbable patriot living in an unlikely place changed the course of world civilization. Through Rhode Island’s King Charles II Charter, Dr. John Clarke convinced the king to grant religious toleration and separation of church and state to a political entity, the diminutive Colony of Rhode Island. For the first time in world history, religious freedom became fundamental to democracy. The Charter’s words soon enriched other colonial charters and eventually found their way into the writings of James Madison, architect of America’s founding documents."