Andrea M Clarke is a writer, producer, creative director and revolutionary with a firm belief in everyone's right to be free and live happily and in peace within their (healthy) communities without fear of reprisals or discrimination.

An Intuitive Empath, she left corporate America to focus on developing projects that uplift the human spirit and bring people together through the arts. 

 "Life is meant to be happy and lived with childlike wonder.
We must find our way back to this center."


MyKids Unite is a female driven cartoon series featuring the Rockin' MyKids Band animated music videos. The MyKids Unite Team Celebrate Friendships for All, Kindness to Animals and a Healthy Planet Earth! 

Our first 2D animation, Celebrate Friendships for All! (: Don't Be a Bafoodle! :) is in production. This animation will set the stage to secure funding / partners to develop 11 2D Animated Music Videos which are a precursor to full length cartoons and full feature animated film.

We envision the MyKids Unite Franchise, including a full merchandise line, will fund our Camp Speranza Program.

Camp Speranza, an all-inclusive Holistic Camp Program for families with special circumstances. The mission is to offer a re-invigorating yet relaxing space for families such as mine; single parent 24/7 caregiver of high needs / special needs child; to unplug and recharge within a laughter-filled, heart-centered community of practitioners, healthy foods, nature lovers, surfers, yogi's, musicians and artists. A Oneness Through Art Project.

"Dragon Dancers, Words & Art" is an illustrated book about her life with her daughter Florentina, a savant artist with special needs. This visual book journey's through the adoption of Florentina from Romania, her vaccine injury after arriving in the USA, *discrimination and abuse within the public school system and ultimately rising above to stay true to who they are by finding their voice through art, writing and forgiveness.  Currently writing.

She is a descendant of Dr. John Clarke, 1609 - 1676. Soul Freedoms, the Life of John Clarke, America's Forgotten Patriot is a full feature Historical Drama of his extraordinary life and personal sacrifices to secure the Royal Charter of 1663 affording Religious and Civil Freedoms for the Colony of Rhode Island which changed world history. This is a long due project driven from a sense of duty and the heart; a story Andrea must share. 

Inspired by her daughter's art and ability to overcome discrimination by staying true to who she is, Andrea founded the *Oneness through Art Movement in 2006. 

*"I had to make a decision, was I going to spend my life being angry at the persons who have wronged my daughter? Or am I going to forgive, rise above and channel that intense energy into my creativity and send something positive out into the world? I decided it was easier and more productive to follow Florentina's happy go-lucky lead." 

"I have been very fortunate over the years to partner with incredibly talented, heart-centered people. I don't believe in coincidence, but I do believe that the right people show up at the right time. I am always open to collaborating on current and new projects, all you have to do is reach out." 

310-309-1858 EST

It is with unwavering passion, conviction of truth, heart centered confidence and old fashion stubbornness I will use my voice even when I am shaking or collapsed in anguish and tears. I will not yield to silence, I matter. And so do you. ~ Andrea M Clarke