MyKids Unite©

Florentina and The MyKids Unite© Team are Revolutionaries who Celebrate Friendships for All, Kindness to Animals and a Healthy Planet Earth! Their Musically Charged Missions Take Them on Adventures to Support the Environment, Social Causes and Freedoms to Live, Love and Create in Peace and Harmony with One Another!

Within a "heads-down" information overload world, our vision is to engage people through colorful, engaging illustrated books and fast moving "viral" animated music videos starring the Rockin' MyKids Band. The Music and Story-lines will energize people to step up with the MyKids Unite Team and make saving the planet and being kind to one another "cool".

The Back-story: Florentina starting creating her MyKids Friends because she wanted friends of her own. With 100's of characters and worlds, Florentina's tenacity to stay true to who she is in the face of adversity inspired MyKids Unite, a female driven Animated Cartoon Series and Animated Music Videos starring the Rockin' MyKids Band.